3 Ways To Fix Can’t Send Emails With Attachments From Gmail Account

Is your email bouncing back whenever you click on the send button? Does this contain some attachments? sometimes it happens with Gmail users that their email fails to send messages because the attachment files exceed the confined limit. However, many other reasons can also cause your Gmail attachment not working issues. 

 How to fix the problem of attaching files in Gmail?

Create a drive file for large attachments or break your email

Google has this fabulous feature of creating a Google drive file for large (more than 30 MB) attachments. Thus, you are recommended to send the files through the drive link by creating a drive file or break your emails into fewer MB files. 

You can send the drive link of the folder/ file you have created of all the attachments by text message or granting access to them. Try it and check  problem attaching files in Gmail continue or not. 

Update your Web Browser

If you are using an old version of your web browser, your Gmail account would not support it. Thereby, you need to update it immediately for avoiding “Gmail not working” issues.

Change the Web Browser

Even after updating the browser, Gmail is unable to attach files, shift to another web browser that would be more supportive to the Gmail accounts. 

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