How to fix a Windows 10 PC that won’t sleep?

Sleep mode is enabled automatically to ensure that your PC won’t lose much energy when it is not in use. But there have been complaints registered by the users that their Windows 10 won’t sleep automatically. So, there are few methods which we can use to get rid of the problem of Windows 10 not sleeping. 

There are few setting to update to fix this faulty error of Windows not sleeping –

Sleep Mode should be Enabled:- 

  • You are supposed to go the Start menu of your system and then look for the Edit Power plan option. 
  • Now on the screen present in front of you, you have to check whether the Put computer to sleep option is turned on or off. It should be turned on to fix Computer won’t go to sleep mode

Checking the Programs that Prevent the PC from Sleep 

There are programs that won’t allow your PC to sleep hence, resulting in Windows 10 sleeping mode not working. So, the users are supposed to close all the programs that are restricting the PC to activate its sleep mode automatically. Once, you close the programs you won’t face any problem in the sleeping mode of Windows 10.

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