How to fix NVIDIA Control Panel Missing on Windows 10

NVIDIA comes under Microsoft that provides plenty of features which also includes customizing options for various toolbars, rich graphic upgrade and a lot of others. 

With a lot of benefits, offerings and opportunities come some drawbacks too. The same goes with NVIDIA. Recently many users have filed complaints against the NVIDIA control panel not working. It can be seen a wide range of issues as a lot of users are under concern regarding this issue. If you have also witnessed NVIDIA Control Panel Not showing then this guide is designed for you. 

Below are Few Reasons why the NVIDIA Control Panel not Showing

Update Window 10

If you are working with the outdated version of Windows 10 then you might face such an issue as outdated versions do not support many new features that include graphics and customization processes. 

Issue in Driver 

 When you find such an issue, do check your drive once as corrupt, broken or error drive could also be a reason for this problem as they break the graphic of the control panel. 

Bugs arrival

A problem like NVIDIA not showing can be a signal for the bug to arrive on your Windows. Use a suitable antivirus program and scan your device before proceeding to work.

Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Not Showing on Windows 10 Issues

Now as you know the reasons behind your problem, here are some of the tested solutions on how you can fix the NVIDIA Control Panel Not Showing on Windows 10.

  • Delete the old NVIDIA and Again Download NVIDIA control panel.
  • Restarting NVIDIA control can fix the issue
  • Try Updating the Graphics Card Drivers as they could be one of the reasons to block the path.

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