How to Fix the Latest Windows 10 Sleep Mode Bug?

Microsoft has introduced a new Windows version for Windows 10 users. You can check the official website of Microsoft and download the updates. However, its existing Widows version stands out to be the best update so far. It has some fabulous features to let users customize their screen as well as various tasks performed over it. One such feature is the sleep mode, which automatically puts the PC on rest whenever it detects inactivity.  

Well, your computer can’t go to sleep mode if there are some bugs in it. Are you facing the same issues? Worry not! This suggestive guide will help you fix the latest Windows 10 sleep mode bug. 

Methods to Fix Windows 10 Sleep Mode Issues 

Method 1. Check for the Optional System Updates 

Windows 10 sleep mode does not work if there is an optional system update performing in the background or waiting to be installed. Thus, you need to check for the system updates and finish them if you detect any. 

Method 2. Check for Windows Update 

Windows 10 won’t go to sleep if your operating system is attempting to install updates overnight. You can solve this by following the directions given below. 

  • Go to the settings menu of Windows and look for Updates and Security.
  • Afterward, click on the Windows Update option and download the pending files. 
  • Now, restart your computer to check whether it worked or not.

Method 3. Check Sleep Mode Settings in Windows 10 

  • Open settings (control panel) > System> Power and Sleep> Additional Power Settings> When to Trun Off the display. 
  • Check the Turn off the display and put the computer to sleep values and set them manually. 
  • Save the changes and reboot your computer.

Method 4. Try Advanced fixes 

Windows 10 sleep mode problems can occur if there are bugs in your system. Here is the advanced method to resolve it. 

  • Go to Windows taskbar and search for Services.msc. 
  • Run Services and scroll down to navigate Windows Update. 
  • Hit the Stop button.
  • Now, press the Start button. 
  • Click on the Restart option. 
  • After that close it and open Windows 10 settings. 
  • Locate Updates and Security and click on the Windows Update. 
  • Select the Check for Updates option. 
  • If you find pending updates, install them to fix sleep mode issues. 
  • Eventually, restart your computer.