Guide to unblock Roblox

Roblox is a well-known online gaming portal. But sometimes users may see that they are unable to access Roblox free online play even after signing up and having an account. Let’s see how to fix this problem.

Sometimes Roblox is restricted by your area network and gets blocked; this is the reason you are unable to access your Roblox. 

Unblock Roblox guide

DNS services

Using DNS services will change your location on Roblox and you can access it. DNS services are good to unblock Roblox but it does not provide any privacy security to your device. We can consider it a risk factor in DNS services. 


Use VPN and unlock your Roblox. Sometimes a game cannot work if you do not use VPN. Download the VPN then sign in and connect it to the Roblox server.

There are different VPNs to use. Here is the list:




Atlas VPN

Nord VPN

To unlock Roblox through VPN then Nord VPN is best to use. 

Use Proxy 

Using a proxy will hide your identity and location then you will be able to use your Roblox but it will give you a slow internet connection.

Sometimes in school, if you try to play Roblox then your school computer will not allow access to Roblox. Here is the reason:

Usually, school computers restrict and block the networks which are not related to education. Social media websites also do not work on school computers. Now see how to unblock Roblox on the school computer. Download the VPN, make an account, and connect it with the Roblox server and your Roblox will be unlocked. Now, you are free to use Roblox on your school computer also. 

Final words

This guide is all about providing information related to unblocking Roblox. We do not support the use of VPNs on school computers. For more informative manuals visit Datarecovo.