How to fix a Computer that Keeps Restarting?

In this online world, if your computer keeps restarting all the time then of course you will feel irritated. In this article we will look over the reasons that might be responsible for the restart of your computer and also its solutions. 


If your processor is overheated then it will make your computer restarts randomly. We will advise you to open up your computer and clean the CPU, the fans of the processor and the other parts surrounding the processor. 

Issues of RAM (Random Access Memory)

It may happen that dust has been collected on your RAM slot or there might be some other problem with the RAM which is creating problems for your Computer. To fix it, remove the RAM from its slot and clean both the RAM as well as the slot of the RAM. 

Infection of Virus. 

Virus might be a reason that your computer restarts randomly with blue screen. If other things of the computer are okay the virus could be the culprit for the malfunctioning of your computer. To get rid of this problem you should turn on the Boot time scan feature. 

This feature will scan your Computer and will delete the virus even before it gets loaded. 

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