Troubleshoot the error “Outlook not implemented”

Users of Outlook frequently encounter several issues that prevent them from using Outlook to send or receive emails. Another problem that appears when you send or receive, reply to, or forward a message is the Microsoft Outlook not implemented issue. You cannot send or receive emails as a result of it. In this post, we've come up with a few useful solutions you can use to solve this outlook not implemented issue.

Solution to fix the outlook not implemented error

  1. Disable Antivirus Program

Any email that you send or receive in your inbox will be scanned by the antivirus software. The sending and receiving of emails may be slowed down or stopped altogether by this scanning procedure. It is thus recommended to disable the antivirus application.

  1. Create a new Outlook profile

It is considered the easiest way to fix the Microsoft Office Outlook not implemented issue.

  • Close the Outlook application.

  • Look for the Mail option under "Control Panel" to access.

  • Select "Show Profiles" from the menu.

  • Select "Add" to create your new profile.

  • Follow the instructions to add an account to the profile you just made.

  1. Disable installed Add-ins

Follow the steps given below to disable installed add-ins from your device:

  • Select "Option" after clicking "File". 

  • Pick the "Add-ins" tab from the "Option" menu.

  • Selecting "Go" will cause a new dialogue box to appear.

  • Disable the plug-ins one by one by selecting them.

  • To make sure the problem has been fixed, restart Outlook.

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