Top 5 Ways to Fix Win­dows 10 Won’t Go to Sleep Mode Issue

Windows 10 is filled with incredible features that have elevated the demand and name that Microsoft Windows has made for itself. To be specific, the sleep mode, in particular, is a great tool to save and use your battery better the next day. The amount of energy saved by it is incredible, that is a great selling point for the windows 10 computers. However, some people in the past have complained about the fact that Windows 10 Won’t Go to Sleep Mode. If you have faced the same issue then, don't worry, we will get you through. 

How to Solve Windows 10 won't Sleep Problem?

If your Windows 10 Won't Sleep Automatically then you should follow these steps and figure out how you can get out of this problem. 

  • Windows 10 could not sleep due to many reasons, one of those reasons could be that you have a lot of cookies and caches collected. First, clear all the cookies and caches collected then this can be solved. 
  • If your Computer Won’t Stay Asleep while they are shut, then this could be due to viruses and malwares as well. Use antiviruses and clean so your windows 10 can sleep.
  • You can manually go to the sleep mode option and change it if that's the reason why it's not working.
  • You can always disable the hybrid sleep mode to make your windows 10 go to sleep mode. 
  • Troubleshooting could be done to make your Windows 10 sleep comfortably. 

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